10 Super Dogs Who Risked Their Lives to Save Their Owners

It’s like they have a magical sense of determining when their owners are in danger. Their loyalty is incredible and they instinctively help others.6 min


When it comes to loyalty, no one can match the 4 legged canine on earth. Their love is unconditional and they can perfectly read our minds. They know when we are in danger, when we are happy, and when we are sick.They can go to an extend of sacrificing its own life to save their owners’ lives.

Here , we have collected the most outstanding and heartwarming stories of dogs and their owners and are eager to share them with you. I am sure, these dog heroics will melt your hearts.

1. Khan saves toddler from a deadly snake

Credit: Tribunist

In 2007, this Doberman Pinscher saved 17 month old, Charlotte from a deadly snake seven days after being adopted from an animal shelter.Khan, who is nicknamed the “Wonder Dog” by his family, saw Charlotte tackle a King Brown snake (one of the most venomous snakes in the world) approaching Charlotte.  

When the snake was about to bite Charlotte, Khan pushed her away which ended up in the snake biting Khan. Khan was given an anti-venom shot and is recuperating from the incident. His owners know he had saved little Charlotte’s life by risking his own

2. Foster dog saves his best friend’s life

Credit: Life with Dogs

Peyton’s mom, Christi, planned to foster TatorTot temporarily. After a couple of weeks she realized TatorTot belonged in her home.

One day, a couple of hours after putting Peyton to sleep, she saw TatorTot barking and running back and forth between Christi and Peyton’s room. Christi thought that TatorTot was playing, but he never stopped running until Christi went to the Peyto’s room.. She found him barely breathing and he wasn’t waking up.

Christi took Peyton to emergency and was told his blood sugar was dangerously low. Christi said if it wasn’t for TatorTot, Peyton wouldn’t be alive.

3. Kilo the Pit Bull

Credit: Daily Mail

This loyal companion, Kilo, a 12 year old Pit Bull was shot during a home invasion robbery as he ran after the thief, and took a bullet to the head to save his owners. The bullet made it into the dog’s skull and exited at the neck. Kilo was taken to a vet and miraculously, after three days, was up and going for walks. This heroic act is remarkable.

4. Katrina, the heroic black Labrador

Credit: Gerald Anderson Foundation

This beautiful black Labrador became a hero during Hurricane Katrina. As the waters rose, she saw a man in trouble. Before the man drowned, Katrina grabbed the man and took him to a safer location. Since the waters were so deep, this remarkable dog had to remain calm until rescue teams were able to save her and the man.

5. Louie saved her owner thanks to the panic button

Credit: Express

Judith Shaw, who suffers from glaucoma, blacked out after having extreme pains in her chest and back. During this time, Louie, her dog, called for assistance by pressing the panic button and yelping into the intercom. Judith trained Louie to use the panic button, which provides direct access to care services.

Thanks to Louie’s heroic gesture, Judith quickly received the help she needed and her loyal friend was awarded an animal bravery award after saving her owner.

6. Just a call away

Credit: PetShop

Joe adopted his German shepherd, Buddy, when it was just 8 week old puppy. Buddy was taught to retrieve the phone when he experienced seizure symptoms. If Joe were to black out or be unable to make the call, Buddy was trained to use his teeth to press a speed dial button that calls 911.

Buddy was just 18 months old when Joe had seizure and he immediately called 911 and began barking into the line. A few minutes later paramedics arrived to Joe’s house and found him unconscious. After a couple days in the hospital, Joe recovered. Thanks to his super conscious fast acting dog, Buddy.

7. Ace the firefighter

© pixabay  

Another heroic pit bull lives in Indianapolis. His 13-year-old owner, Nick Lamb is legally deaf. He was home alone when the house caught on fire and the smoke started rapidly filling the air. Not wearing his hearing aid, the teenager had no way of noticing the flames. His dog Ace, however, was quick to react — he ran into his owner’s room, waking the boy up. Nick then smelled the smoke, which at that point had already begun filling up his room. Luckily, Ace woke him up just in time to escape the house.

© Indianapolis Fire Dept.

8. The guiding Monty

© pixabay

64 years old at the time, Ian Thomas had been through a lot in his life — but in 2011 the biggest mishap had occurred. He probably wouldn’t have survived it if not for his faithful German schnauzer, Monty. Mr. Thomas was struck with a lightning bolt, knocking him unconscious 100 yards away from home. Monty, the then 5-year-old pup, was also struck but proceeded to lick his owner’s face and then, once Ian had the strength to wrap his hands around the dog’s neck, dragged him home.
Mrs. Thomas, upon seeing them, took her husband to the hospital right away.

8. DBoy taking a bullet

© thebullybreeds  

Some people perceive pit bulls to be dangerous animals but nothing could be more wrong in the case of this pit bull boy and his owner, Roberta Trawick.

They both were victims of a home invasion. One day, Roberta was sitting down in her living room when an unknown man ran through the front door and pointed a gun at her, telling her to not move, otherwise, he’d shoot. That exact moment, her dog, Dboy had darted from the other room, ready to attack the shooter. Startled, the man shot Dboy in his head once and when it didn’t spot the pit bull, he shot the dog twice more. Then he proceeded to run away from the house. That day, DBoy saved the lives and home of his owners.

Luckily, DBoy made it through surgery and has fully recovered.

1. Jorge and Chiquita

© Milagro Muñoz Araya / facebook  

One seemingly average day in Costa Rica, drivers on the main street were stopped by a small dog running toward them in a stream of traffic. That little dog barked and squealed, trying to grab anybody’s attention.

Once some of the drivers had followed the dog, it brought them to a man on a curb who had fainted half an hour earlier — it was her owner, Jorge. Being a man with an under-average income he was dressed poorly and no one on the street had stopped to help him, assuming he was a drunk. Once people realized that he was unconscious for something other than alcohol abuse, they called an ambulance.

This little dog, named Chiquita, traveled with her owner to the hospital, not wanting to leave his side for even a second. Because of her, Jorge received medical treatment on time and not only survived the incident but almost fully recovered.

They may not have much money, but they surely have each other.

© Milagro Muñoz Araya / facebook  

Imagine what could have happened if it wasn’t for these dogs’ bravery?! Do you have any heroic dog stories you would like to share? We would love to read them.

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