5 Cricketers with weird batting stances

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Cricket often hailed as a gentleman’s games had always preferred technique and class over anything else. Many cricketing greats from the likes of Kallis, Sachin, Dravid, Atherton, Hayden, Vaughan, Damien Martyn with really superb techniques had graced this game.

However not everyone successful used the same theory. Many greats came up with their own unorthodox technique. With cricket getting shorter and faster over the years, unorthodox methods in cricket have become a commonplace event. The game has now witnessed multiple experiments, with the batsmen adopting new ways of scoring runs.

There have been instances when the batsmen have tried to experiment with it and have even proved out to be successful. However, batting technique is a cricketer’s personal choice and it should never matter to us as long as they are successful and we have a guaranteed entertainment.

Here, is my list of such 5 batsmen who have had very unusual batting stances.

1. Shivnarine Chanderpaul

Chanderpaul‘s batting stance was one of the most weird batting stances ever seen, in which he stands facing the bowler, as opposed to most batsmen who stand side-on. He takes this stance to see the ball clearly with both eyes, something that he developed as a child when confronted with hostile fast bowling.

Chanderpaul stood at a 90-degree angle to the usual position as the bowler bowled to him. His theory behind this was that he caught a “two-eyed” view of the bowler, a method he picked up as a boy learning the game in the fishing town of Unity Village in Guyana, where friends and relatives hurled balls at him to teach him how to combat fast bowling

2. George Bailey

George Bailey, who is known for experimenting with his batting stance, came up with another bizarre stance which showed Bailey’s body facing the wicket-keeper but his head in a normal position, looking forward. It was funny to watch Bailey seemed to have no problem while batting. The smiling captain never fails to entertain his fans.

3. Steven Smith

Steve Smith's shuffle towards the off stump and awkward stance gives him more time to play fast bowlers | Getty

Steve Smith often dubbed “the best since Bradman” has unusual homespun technique is far from the stuff of textbooks, but it has proved extremely effective.

Steve Smith regularly fidgets and twitches between balls and has got this strange stance where he stands with a considerable gap between his feet and keeps swerving his bat, shuffling and walking across the line before playing a shot. Sometimes he shuffles too much that the bowlers get annoyed while bowling to him. This shuffling added his hand-eye coordination and hand movement to that, gives more time for Smith to build choices for playing his shots and also allowing him to play late.

With this unorthodoxy, he doesn’t look like a man in what professional sportspeople like to call; “the zone”, but hey, it works.

4. Manoj Tiwary

When it comes to batting stance, Manoj Tiwary can be called as an Indian version of Chanderpaul. He stood with a weird stance with his chest facing the bowler and bat resting in front of his legs. His eyes would be fixed on the bowler every time he came in.

5.Kevin Pietersen

Kevin Pietersen had a wide legged stance with a huge back lift.He would stand at the crease with his legs wide apart and play with a high backlit. Like Steven Smith, he would keep shuffling and walking across the pitch, distracting the bowlers and making it all the more difficult for the bowlers to bowl at him.

So who among the 5 do you think have the most unusual stance. Don’t forget to comment your pick.

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