Check out the approved ways to tackle Monsoon Skin Problems

During this season, many of us fall sick because of the same and it's very necessary that you simply keep a tap on your health.2 min


By the end of May, after the scorching heat ,we start praying and make ourselves prepared for the monsoon. Lush greenery, rain-drenched landscapes, cooler environment and also the fresh smell of soil among others are what make the season enjoyable. However, along side the pleasant weather, the rainy season also involves unhygienic conditions which may cause negative health consequences. During this season, many of us fall sick because of the same and it’s very necessary that you simply keep a tap on your health.

The onset of monsoon is refreshing for us but it may not be great for our skin. The constant touch of contaminated water while traveling and because of the humid environment in monsoon, we will be susceptible to several skin conditions including eczema, acne breakout, allergy , athlete’s foot, and fungal infections among others. If you’re diabetic then you ought to be extra careful as chances of skin issues triggered by monsoon are more for them.

Celebrity Dermatologist, Dr. Apratim Goel gives a more in-depth knowledge about the skin issues and the way we should tackle them.

Fungal infection– the foremost common infection during monsoon is ringworm. Red circular patches with itching and mostly over neck, underarms, groin and feet. the most common reason is that the humidity which favors the growth of fungus. what’s the remedy: The person should avoid sharing personal belongings and should keep the area dry as much as possible and consult a dermatologist for the same.

Athlete’s foot– A sort of fungal infection which occurs in feet due to damp feet. Mostly it’s due to wet socks during rains. Whitish scaly patches develop with itching. Advisable to wear open footwear during rains.

Allergic reaction
– Urticaria or sting reaction is extremely common in monsoon. Their bites can cause distress starting from one red itchy bump to the very severe Urticaria-Angioedema in allergic patients.

Acne breakouts– When the humidity raises in atmosphere skin becomes dry. the same trigger the oil glands and clogs the pores. People with oily skin should consult a dermatologist and ask them which cleanser, sunscreen, anti-pimple medication and moisturizers are good for them.

Eczema– this is another common dermatological condition where patches of skin become itchy, inflamed, red, rough and blistered initially and later become thickened and roughened. Humidity can cause dryness of skin and further aggravation of the condition.

Preventive measures during Monsoon by Dr Goel:
1- Personal hygiene- Wash your feet and hands regularly. Bath twice each day if possible.
2- Keep yourself dry- Being dry will make you less susceptible to skin infections.
3- Wear sunscreen- albeit it’s cloudy outside or raining you need to wear sun protection.
4- Use a decent face cleanser consistent with your skin type.
5- Foot care is extremely important, use good footwear for rains and regular pedicure is a must.
6- Consult a dermatologist if you’ve got skin infections.

Please do share your opinions and questions in the comments.

Happy Monsoon.

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